Industry Solutions

Touchscreen Signage and Advertising


Mirrored Touchscreens.

Kiosk Payment Systems.

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Real Estate & Commercial Property Land Sales Offices

Our new range of interactive kiosks, planning tables and video walls are instantly transforming land sales offices into an interactive suite. Customers will be invited to engage using a simple touch where they will become immersed into information about your development project.

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extreme versatility of our technology

Medical, Dental & Physio Clinics

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Construction Offices

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Planning Tables

Drive Thru Businesses

Drive-Thru kiosks are a technology that has given businesses an alternative way of attracting customers to their stores, by providing them with fast and convenient service. Established on the basis of bringing food out to a stationary car, it has been adopted by the majority of the consumer market who are looking for a quick fix. 

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Council Centers

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Real Estate
Drive Thru